Baby massage

All mammals massage their newborns, cleaning them carefully with their tongues. In the relationship between mother and child, touch and skin-to-skin contact play an important role both in creating a secure attachment based relationship and in successful breastfeeding.


Touch undoubtedly has a magical power that makes baby massage a wonderful way to bond with your baby, support their age-appropriate development, share closeness, and alleviate a number of health problems.


My interest in baby massage began in my son's first month when I felt extremely helpless about his gas pain. As luck would have it, I came across a doula who knew baby massage techniques that I could use at home to help my son. But relieving gas pain is only a very small part of the benefits of massage and exercise. I am grateful that today I have the skills to assess the child as a whole, reduce muscle tension in babies and toddlers, improve joint mobility, contribute to the infant's motor development and also support my children in their physical development through touch and playful activities.


And that's not all, research also shows that baby massage:

  • helps babies (especially premature and low birth weight babies) gain weight

  • helps babies fall asleep faster and sleep longer

  • reduces the level of stress hormones in the blood and makes babies happier

  • promotes learning new skills

  • supports the child's social, emotional and cognitive development

  • relieves constipation and pain due to gas and colic

  • expands the baby's awareness of his body, improves muscle tone and coordination

  • contributes to the formation of a close relationship through eye contact, touch, smiles and voice and increases the confidence of the parent in caring for the child

I offer baby massage as part of postpartum support. 



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